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Luke Warmcop,
a.k.a. Paul Emploi, a.k.a. Rhum Arrangé, a.k.a. Numéro 10, is a famous criminal whose origins remain obscure. Some say he was born in Calcutta in 1925, others assure that his parents lived on a boat on the Donau river, and that he's much younger than he looks...

Several crimes are credited on his account: the murder of François 1er's great-great-great-
great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson in 1951, the mysterious disappearance of trombonist Glenn Miller in 1944 (Warmcop is said to have been the pilot of the aircraft, and to have survived the accident), the robbery of 15 banks in the USA, 9 in USSR and 3 in France. He also attempted to bomb the French Comedy television studios, after finding a new program really disappointing.

Luckily Luke never got found guilty for these crimes and always managed to keep his freedom. With the money from the bank robberies, he bought a bargain tape recorder and produced 6 EP's and 3 LP's. A few major companies were interested in releasing them, but Luke turned them all down, prefering to remain unknown.

After meeting physician Albert Einstein (shortly before his death) in a Weatherspoon pub, he got given the secret to time travel. Luke then spent 4 years elaborating  a time-machine, with the intention of visiting - and murdering - a few monarchs from the Renaissance he particularily hated. Unfortunately the cabin of the machine was too small for a human being and Luke had to send his 2-year-old cat back to 1635 - and eventually lost Einstein's precious formulas in a house bbq.

Between 1965 and 1975 he had a break from murdering and robbing, and started running a sex-shop as well as a music collective: Catapulte.

Nowadays, Luke Warmcop is part of Guess What, Phat Dat, Group Martini, Kumbaya and Orchestre du Montplaisant. Between each gig he tries to murder a few rich people to cover his petrol expenses.


L'avventura LP


Catapulte Jousts vol.1
split 7"
Catapulte Records CATAJT003

Luke Warmcop in Digbyland LP
Henfermé EP
Cambodge vs Lukewarmcop
Electric Coop split EP

Lukewarmcop EP
Nouveau Calibre EP
O et des Poussieres LP (Numero 10)

Roxy Nowhere EP (Numero 10)
Half Shadow Drum Track EP (Numero 10)