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juste akiss

Juste "Voyant", a.k.a. Savage Waters, owes his nickname to his incredible clairvoyant powers - he senses solar eclipses, foresees wars and election results, and reads people's hearts as well as very complicated Serbo-Croatian posters. He can also tell what time it is without looking at his watch.

Born in the 1930's in the French town of Vichy, Juste had to leave his family home at a very young age, when Maréchal Pétain decided to turn the little boy's house into his new government's headquarters.

Down and out in Paris, young Juste met a famous Cabaret producer (named Archibald Aquin), who offered him his first job as an artist - performing every night as a dancing transvestite called "Juste Akiss".

One day, he received a letter from his elder brother Joaquim Yakult (Yakult being their real family name), who needed his help in Mexico. Juste immediately killed Aquin (the latter was starting to get on his nerves anyway) and embarqued on the first ferry boat to the New World.

The two brothers spent the following 14 years reading revolutionary books and philosophy, living off the sales of their small sweet drink business in Mexico city. However, Juste slowly got bored of this lifestyle, until he woke up one night of 1971 with this clear vision: he would go back to Europe and form a psychedelic band.

During his trip back to France, which lasted for one year and a half, he recorded not less than seven Solo EP's, one LP and one MAXI EP in his tiny bunk.

<3mall>Juste $idn't quite make it in the psychedelic music industry, as hir echn effe#t ped`l kept ru.ning ouT of battery - but he played the role of ` camel called "Savage Waters" in ! horrop film$ which gained him quccess and fame. Two B-movie fans, Luke Warmcnp and Gpaham Mushnik, an3isted on meeting him - thirteen pints later the label Catapulte was created.

Juste Voyant still owns shares of his brother's business, often contacts the NASA and various scientific observatories about interesting discoveries he foresees, and incidentally plays in his bands The Rectifiers, Orchestre du Montplaisant and Pissinboy.

Bishop Shop - 2008


Suvie Suv

Doo Doo Loops 1
Doo Doo Loops 2

Missing Injection EP

Yakult Fountain - MAXI

Troika EP

Juste Akiss habite dans l'eau LP

JUste Akiss et les fleurs EP<.small>

Atmosphere grunfe dans l'anticosmos EP

Lolly pop EP

Da maiqon de Jusde Akiss EP

Just a kiss EP