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Félix, a.k.a. F. Antassin, was born in 1909 in a family of hippos in South Africa. His hard condition as a pachyderm resulted in a strong determined character, and by 1925 a wizard had turned him into a human being.

The young man, however, had no manners and no sense of politeness or civilization. It took him very long to make friends and get a job - in fact he lived by himself for nearly 10 years in a flat, eating the parsley he was growing on his balcony.

He moved to France and, as soon as he earned a bit of money, started collecting vinyl records, not because he liked the music, but because it was very fashionable back then. In 1946 his collection already represented 2,514 records and by 1958 it had reached 2 million 500 thousand vinyls.

Félix always loved smoking cigars, which made him quite popular amongst the Cuban community in Paris. In 1960, twelve young Cubans moved in his flat and he had to buid shelves for his records. The new flatmates forced him to learn the guitar - which he hated - and to play Cuban music in their band. As a revenge, Félix would cook smelly food in large pans and force them to eat the disgusting dishes.

In the seventies, after a memorable party where he'd met Graham Mushnik, Luke Warmcop and Juste "Voyant", Félix was sick on the club's wooden floor, and the shape of his vomit vaguely ressembled a sexy Vahine. The members of Catapulte didn't hesitate: they hired Félix as their official cover-artist and designer. It was the beginning of a virile and friendly collaboration between the four men.

Félix also happens to play rhythm guitar in Les Pythons de la Fournaise.

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