Culture Shock 

[12'' Vinyl / Digital • May 2019


Culture Shock
A2 The Wish To Cry
A3 The Kite

The Wolf 2.0

B2 Trust In Me
B3 Telephone


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" Travelling the world with courage " - this is how French excentric pop-group PHAT DAT start their joyful and bum-shaking debut EP. Six perfectly catchy tunes that take the listener on an entertaining groove-safari.

Initiated by Catapulte Records founder members Antonin Voyant and Luke Warmcop (Orchestre du Montplaisant, Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek, Guess What) and accomplished multi-instrumentists Rémi Richarme (Satellite Jockey) and Bernard Céleste (Reg & the Rectifiers), PHAT DAT already have a rich and eclectic background that perspires through both their songwriting and musical sensitivity.

The title-track, Culture Shock, is a curious, funny, yet powerful feel-good tune with a peaceful and steady beat, beautifully completed by warm Congolese Rhumba-inspired double guitar riffs... Let's embark on the journey ! While songs such as Wish To Cry or Trust In Me are made of the catchiest melodic quality, as well as being funky in the least cliché manner, moodier songs like The Kite or Telephone have a slightly more serious tone – although humour is always there, hiding in the corner of a verse.

But it's certainly The Wolf that brings all these elements together, with a riskier and more modern production. Switching from arty hip-hop phrases to bright melodic refrains, the song also features incredibly effective synth, rototoms and steel-drum sounds, to result in a totally unheard-of pop hit !

Phat Dat manage to freshen up their classic drums-bass-guitar-keys lineup through colourful sounds, clever percussion arrangements, witty vocal harmonies. This EP gives a great picture of who and what they are ; they will be touring France throughout this coming spring.